Bhagat Singh Shaheed the Revolutionary Hero

Bhagat Singh Shaheed, the Revolutionary Hero of the Freedom Struggle of the Indian Subcontinent. Wherever in the world, there is tyranny and oppression, and it becomes difficult to breathe for freedom, such heroic heroes emerge there from the body of the earth, who protect their homeland, its soil, and the freedom of future generations. They … Read more

Is Blue Waffle Disease An STD

Blue Waffle Disease: STD Or Infection? “Is Blue Waffle Disease An STD?” If you have heard the term “Blue Waffle” about irritation in and around the vaginal area, you may have thought of the condition as a sexually transmitted Blue Waffle disease. However, although Blue Waffle disease is usually spread via sexual contact with an … Read more

What is the Blue Waffle disease

Basic Facts About Blue Waffle Disease What is the Blue Waffle disease? Blue Waffle disease is a condition that affects the vagina, causing itching, swelling, and irritation, and causing the area to take on a bluish tinge. It is because of this latter effect that the Blue Waffle disease was given its name, ‘waffle’ being … Read more