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Best Samsonite Luggage in 2023

Best Samsonite Luggage in 2023

Samsonite was created almost 100 years ago and is now one of the best-acclaimed and trusted luggage brands in the US. With a wide and varied product range, Samsonite products are available in the low to middle price range as well and offer durability, value, and style. Samsonite luggage is retailed at eBags, Macy’s, Zappos, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Top Samsonite Reviews for 2023

The choices currently available in the market are overwhelming and so the list has been shortened to meet the needs of regular as well as business travelers.

Cruisair DLX from Best Buy

This 26-inch spinner luggage is big for a carry-on but is ideal for a longer trip if you need to take several changes of clothes.

The case of Cruisair DLX Spinner from Samsonite is made from polycarbonate and has an aluminum frame, thus making it lightweight as well as strong. It can be easily lifted and is tough enough for protection in even a crowded cargo hold.

Samsonite has designed the suitcase without zippers and has latches to keep the bag closed tight for additional security. A TSA-compliant lock is also built-in.

The spinner wheels help it to glide smoothly and it looks great too. This is the best suitcase for all kinds of travelers.

Samsonite Framelock Hardside from Amazon

The Samsonite Framelock Spinner 25 is the best in terms of style, durability, and overall value. It is secure without zippers and sports the TSA combination lock.

The dimensions of the case allow it to fit comfortably into an airplane hold. The inside is spacious with a separate compartment for smaller items and cross-straps to keep the clothes tidy while in transit.

The suitcase looks stylishly made from ultra-light polycarbonate and is weather-resistant. It is sturdy as well and the spinner wheels make navigation easier by allowing you to push it in front of you. Available in different colors, this is perfect for the style-conscious traveler.

Samsonite Mightlight 2 Softside from Amazon

For those travelers who prefer soft-sided luggage, the Samsonite Mightlight 2 Spinner 25 is the best alternative. It is lightweight too, made from nylon, and weighs just eight pounds. It also has the Samsonite special water-resistant coating and is durable and easy to clean.

The mobility is excellent with four spinner wheels and has a great choice of handles. There are two zip compartments on the inside and three on the outside of the lid, allowing for easy and accessible storage of books, passports, or any other necessary items. It comes in three catchy colors as well.

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable from Amazon

This polyester Spinner 29 is one of Samsonite’s best-priced suitcases. At full size, it meets the maximum checked-in luggage size and is even expandable for extra packing. It is constructed with steel wire and sturdy zippers and is surely built to last.

The extendable handle, as well as the spinner wheels, help to keep the case upright and prevents it from tipping over. It has a side handle as well for easy lifting from the luggage carousel.

The inside is also quite convenient with mesh pockets and a wetpak section for properly organizing all your belongings. It comes in the colors red, black, blue, and black/red.

This is the ideal suitcase for a couple and makes travel easier by avoiding the second case.

Samsonite Luggage Innova from Amazon

The Samsonite Innova Spinner 28 is made from Bayer Makrolon one-hundred percent polycarbonate and is very spacious and sports flush-mounted handles.

Despite the impressive size, this model is one of the lightest polycarbonate assortments of Samsonite and is unbelievably easy to handle.

The material can withstand impact and the glide wheels ensure mobility of 360 degrees. The inside features a mesh lining, cross straps, and a divider and has the integrated TSA lock for tampering protection.

The textured finish, high gloss suitcase is available in indigo blue or metallic silver. This is surely the best friend of the long-distance traveler with an eye for fashion.

Samsonite Aspire Xlite 20 inch from Amazon

The size of this expandable spinner from Samsonite complies with most of the major airlines’ carry-on regulations. The case can also be expanded to create extra packing space if it is not used for flying. Made of polyester, it is lightweight with side handles as well for easy lifting.

The case is ideal for long walks in the airport, with four spinner wheels and an extendable handle, since it can be rolled upright without exerting any weight on the arms or shoulders.

The inside is quite convenient with a wetpak section for carry-on toiletries and a mesh compartment for valuables. This comes in colors blue, black, purple, green, and red.

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Samsonite Tectonic 2 from Amazon

This backpack is made from a rip-resistant polyester ballistic weave. It has contoured straps for added comfort and a smart sleeve on its back.

The main pouch contains a padded section to fit most 17” laptops and a series of mesh compartments along with a pocket ideal for sunglasses.

The front zippered pouch sports a dedicated pocket for a tablet or iPad. It is ideal for use in a crowded travel compartment.

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Samsonite Tote-A-Ton from Amazon

This 32.5-inch duffel bag from Samsonite is sturdy and made of 400 denier nylon. The dimensions allow for heavy packing, and yet, when empty, it folds into a square the size of a book and helps with easy storage.

It has two handles and a TSA lock can be added to the zipper for additional protection. It comes in three or four trendy colors such as purple, black, turquoise, or red, and is amazingly affordable.

It is the perfect choice for those travelers who are looking for something durable and lightweight as well as extra spacious.

Samsonite Winfield from Amazon

This Hardside luggage is lightweight, but durable, and has spinner wheels. The inside is roomy and has luggage straps with mesh pockets.

Eight color options are available and each features a brushed pattern for reducing the appearance of scratches. This is ideal for frequent travelers.

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