Easy Pets Guide 2021: Cute Cats and kittens Special Care

Easy Pets Guide: Cute cats and Innocent kittens Special Care

Your cute cats or kittens will need special care during summer, as heat and sun can be really dangerous.

Pets Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a potentially fatal condition, where the body’s organs cannot function due to exposure to heat. A cat or kitten’s usual body temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.5 Fahrenheit (38-39.1 Celsius).

Make sure your cat or cute kittens have easy access to shade indoors during the hot summer months. Cats and kittens are usually very good at keeping out of the heat themselves.

But if you find your cat or cute kittens panting or dizzy, very weak, its gums turning dark red or very pale or bleeding from the nose. It could be a sign of severe heatstroke.

Pets Dehydration

Heatstroke can lead to severe dehydration. Apart from sunstroke, there could be several reasons for dehydration. Like vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite, reduced water intake, fever, or blood loss.

Ensure that your pet cat or cute kittens have easy access to a regularly – refreshed supply of water.

Remember that your cat or cute kittens get most of their liquid intake from food, so make sure they are fed properly too. Your cute cats or cute kittens need extra care and attention when it falls ill.

Your cute cats or cute kitten should have easy access to shade and water during the hot summer months.

Some General Measures

Put ice cubes in your cat or cute kitten’s water bowl. Wrap ice in a towel and place it next to your cat or cute kittens.

You could put towels in the freezer and then place them near the cute cat or kitten’s bed for it to lie on whenever it is hot.

If you have any fans you could angle them towards the ground so that your cat or cute kitten feels the benefit.

Remember, older and overweight cats, as well as some breeds like Persians and exotics, are more prone to heatstroke than other cats. Give your cute cats or cute kittens cold water to drink to help avoid heatstroke.

Common Questions about Pets Cats

Question: Should I apply sunscreen to my cat or cute kitten’s body on hot summer days?

Answer: Yes, you can apply sunscreen to your cat or kitten’s nose and ears when it is very hot, to prevent your cute cats or cute kittens from getting sunburnt.

Cats and Kittens in Wintry Nights

Like in summer, cats and kittens also need special care in winter. During months, cats and cute kittens should be kept warm. Providing a proper shelter for your cat or cute kittens is just the beginning of your responsibilities.

Keep it Warm

Cute Cats and Cute Kittens Special Care
Cute Cats and Cute Kittens Special Care

The room you have allotted to your cute cats or cute kittens to stay in should be insulated and properly heated. Your cat or cute kittens should not be left to sleep on the floor.

Provide it with a thick and warm bed, as well as duvets and blankets to keep the cold away. Cats or kittens should also eat more in winter. This will add more calories, which in turn will help keep the body warm.

If the temperature drops alarmingly during this season, do not let your cat or cute kittens outside. Keep it indoors so that it can be warm.

If you do let your pet outside, make sure they have easy access in and out of the house so that they can come in easily when they are cold.

Let your cat or cute kittens play indoors during the winter months to keep warm and safe.


If your cat or cute kittens spends too long outside when it is freezing, they may risk getting frostbite. You should be careful to remove any ice, snow, or mud from your cat’s or kitten’s feet as soon as it comes back.

If it is frostbitten you will notice that your pet’s skin has turned reddish, grey, or white and the skin may also be scaly or peeled off. Take your cute cats or cute kittens to the vet if you spot any of these symptoms.

Frostbite will cause the skin of your cat or cute kittens to peel off and become extremely painful. You could dress up your cute cats or cute kittens during the festive seasons.

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Holiday Cat Food

Winter is a time when you love to party and eat lots of good food. This is the time for Halloween and Christmas. But it’s important to remember that sweets, turnkey, pork, or any alcoholic drink are not good for your cute cats or kitten.

Do not change their regular diet in winter, but you can increase the account of food.

Especially at Christmas, make sure that small bones, as well as small decorations (or anything else that could get caught in your cat or kitten’s throat), are kept out of reach.

Watch Out!

Be Careful when your beloved Cute little kitty roams about in your house. Many articles in your house could appear completely harmless to you. But may pose a real threat to your cute cats or innocent kitten.

Be careful to never leave your pet cat or kitten unattended near anything hot or burning in the house.

Pets Care: Fire and Electricity

Your cat or cute kittens can be easily attracted to the bright flames of your fireplace.

Burning candles left unattended may be dangerous too. Be careful when you have anything burning in the house.

Wires and appliances should be kept out of your pet’s reach. Never leave a hot iron unattended when your cat or cute kittens is around.

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Chocolates are Dangerous for Cats and Kittens!

Chocolates, sweets, and alcohol can be very harmful to your pet cat or cute kittens. Medicines, antifreeze, insecticides, or other poisons could also prove fatal to them.

They should not have access to any of these. Cute cats and kittens might like the taste of chocolates but you must not let them have them. Chicken bones can lead to choking and should be kept away.

Keep away other small objects that could be easily swallowed by your cat or a cute kitten. There are also some types of plants that you shouldn’t keep in the same house as a cute cat or kitten.

Chocolates and sweets can be extremely harmful to your pet cat or kitten. High-baby cats will help keep your cat or kitten away from a baby at home.

Keep Babies Away from Pets!

If you have a young child at home, you need to be very careful. Cats or cute kittens tend to curl up to the bodies of babies as they find them warm and very comfortable.

This is potentially very dangerous. Always keep your pet cat or cute kittens away from babies. A cat net, that protects babies from such mishaps, is strongly recommended.

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