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Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute in May 2014 signed an agreement on cooperation in a comprehensive solution to cross-sectoral problems of increasing energy efficiency.

It is assumed that the parties will solve urgent problems in the Russian energy sector, acting as an analytical center that develops measures to develop energy efficiency in the long and short term.

Energy Efficiency Solutions | Energy Saving Guide
Energy Efficiency Solutions | Energy Saving Guide

According to the parties to the agreement, combining the competencies of the three organizations makes it possible to implement projects along the chain “energy supply source – networks – consumer”, starting from the formation of the concept and technical specifications, the implementation of research and development work.

The organization of industrial production, the design, and construction of facilities, installation supervision, commissioning, warranty, and post-warranty service, the promotion of developments in the Russian and international markets, and training of personnel.

The All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute (VTI) is engaged in research and development work and has extensive experience in creating, implementing, and promoting new technologies needed by the domestic energy sector, including acting as a technical expert and consultant to customers in the implementation of new construction, modernization, and repair of existing equipment.

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is one of the leading technical universities in the country with a high human resources potential, a developed base for conducting scientific research, as well as rich experience in developing various advanced training programs and implementing research projects.

The Tomsk Center for Resource Conservation and Energy Efficiency (TTsRE) has extensive experience in interacting with consumers of energy resources: industrial enterprises, budgetary institutions, and housing and communal services contributing to energy efficiency through the introduction of new technologies, both in the Tomsk region and in other regions of the Russian Federation.

For effective interaction in the implementation of joint projects, the Scientific and Educational Center “Energy Efficient Technologies” was created at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

At the same time, third-party organizations interested in creating high-energy efficiency projects can also be involved in the implementation of joint projects.

– Someone can do one thing, someone else: someone better understands the regional specifics, someone is better versed in combustion technologies, so the combination of competencies allows the most comprehensive approach to solving the tasks. This approach is now clearly visible in many initiatives of our state, – explains Alexander Dmitriev, General Director of the Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency.

Project Approach

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Energy saving and energy efficiency guide.

The overall goal of joining forces is to multiply the number of successfully implemented practical projects in the field of energy and energy efficiency. To date, the parties have already begun to implement several pilot projects.

The main executor of one of them is Tomsk Polytechnic University. The co-executors of the development are the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute and OJSC Kompomash Corporation, and the industrial partner is the Inter RAO Energy Without Borders fund.

The essence of the project is to create a pilot plant for the gasification of solid fuels. During the implementation of the project, two experimental samples of gas generators will be created and tested based on CHPP-3 in Tomsk. The estimated completion time is 3 years. Another project, the implementation of which has already begun, is the construction of a pilot biogas station in the Tomsk region.

The technology being developed makes it possible to effectively process biological waste and produce biogas in cold climates. In this project, the main executor is the Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency, and TPU and VTI provide expert support.

Both projects are practical. Shortly, it is planned to use them at existing energy facilities and enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the Tomsk region. At the same time, if we talk about a biogas station, then today there are several dozen potential customers who, having seen the positive results of the project, will be ready to order such biogas stations,” says Alexander Dmitriev.

In addition, several research projects are being developed today, which are being implemented in one format or another, where all parties to the agreement act in different roles depending on their competencies.

In particular, this is the creation of a geo-information system for renewable energy sources (the project is being implemented by TTsRE and TPU, and VTI is an expert organization), determination of the potential of peat reserves in the territory of the Tomsk region for its use at energy facilities (TCRE and TPU), water treatment projects for thermal power engineering (VTI and TPU).

At the joint stand of the main event of the year in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency. – Forum ENES-2014 – the parties presented a package of joint projects of the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and the Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency.

The main task of the participants of the agreement in the work of the Forum, Alexander Dmitriev called the presentation of opportunities, a story about existing projects, and agreements on the implementation of new ideas with key partners.

The ENES Forum is probably the best professional platform for participants in the energy efficiency solutions market, where you can see others, show yourself, and get valuable contacts for future joint achievements.

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According to the participants of the agreement, when solving the problem of increasing energy efficiency, the key principle should be an integrated approach that allows choosing the best way to achieve the goal. Taking into account the stated principle of work, each project considers all components of the chain: “generation – networks – consumer”.

The target audience of the participants of the agreement is very wide: regions, municipalities, and businesses. In particular, in all regions of Russia, complex investment projects for the modernization of heat supply systems and the development of heat supply schemes for settlements may be in demand.

And for enterprises, not only comprehensive modernization programs related to improving energy efficiency may be of interest, but also the development of specific technological solutions for the modernization of basic production processes, as well as the creation and implementation of unique advanced training programs for management personnel and blue-collar workers.

Each of the parties to the agreement has extensive experience in performing work within their competencies,

Cooperation between the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and the Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency can become one of the most effective projects in the regions of Russia in terms of introducing new technologies and improving energy efficiency.

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