Renewable energy resources in the fuel and energy balance

Renewable Resources

Renewable Energy Ballance Of The Region Renewable Energy: Modern boilers operating on wood chips and peat are often much more efficient than liquid fuel and coal. Local heat sources in the Tomsk region were built quite a long time ago and operate on hydrocarbons. Now, during their reconstruction, priority will be given to the possibility … Read more

How long do electrical appliances continue to sleep

Electrical Appliances | Energy Saving | Energy Efficiency

Electrical appliances electricity during sleep mode I heard that electrical appliances continue to consume electricity even in sleep mode. How significant are these losses? Alexey Latkin, consultant of the Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency, answers. First of all, it is worth determining which household electrical appliances in the house are in constant … Read more

How Safe Are Infrared Heaters

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Infrared Heaters Guide: Energy Efficiency Management I am thinking about the heating system in the apartment and looking for alternative options. Recently heard about infrared heaters. Please tell us what are their advantages and how safe are they. – Infrared heating systems are recognized as one of the most economical and efficient heating methods. The … Read more

Energy Efficiency Solutions

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Step-by-Step Energy Efficiency Solutions Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute in May 2014 signed an agreement on cooperation in a comprehensive solution to cross-sectoral problems of increasing energy efficiency. It is assumed that the parties will solve urgent problems in the Russian energy sector, … Read more