Farm Animals

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What is a Farm?

A farm is a large area of land that is mainly used to grow crops, and rear animals like cows, sheep, and pigs.

Animal Farms:

Farm Animals sheep cows horses pigs chickens
Farm Animals sheep cows horses pigs chickens


Not all farms grow crops. Some farms rear animals like cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other fowl. These are specialized farm animals and require equipment to handle a large stock of animals, such as tractors. More animals are being bred than ever before, to meet the demands of the world, which means an increase in the production of milk, meat, eggs, and other farm animal-derived products.

Poultry Farms:

Poultry farms raise chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and other fowl. Poultry farms raise these fowl mainly for meat while layer poultry farms raise fowl to produce eggs. Poultry farming is a specialized business. Breeders need to choose the right species to get the desired fowl. So the breeder can raise chickens which with less or more fat, or ducks that yield more eggs! Though poultry farms mainly produce meat and eggs, they also yield feathers for pillows and quilts.

Dairy Farms:

Dairy farms breed cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep to produce large quantities of milk and meat. The animals are often fed special nutritious food to increase productivity and meat. Some dairy farms even grow their feed like corn and hay that the animals eat. Some dairy farms also crossbreed species to produce new species. Dairy farms usually sell-off male calves, because they don’t produce milk.


Farm Animals cows horses pigs chickens dogs

Cows are among the most important farm animals. They provide us with milk, meat, and leather. Cows can also serve as draft animals and help some plow fields and pull carts.

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Farm Friend:

Cows belong to the family of bovines which also includes water buffaloes, bison, yaks, and spiral-horned antelopes. Cows are among the first animals to be domesticated for agricultural purposes. Cows are quite harmless but if you pester them too much you might get a kick or a butt from their head! Cows are mainly useful for the nutritious milk they give.

Their flesh, called beef, is also relished as food by many. Their hide is used as leather to make products like shoes and bags. Since they are quite sturdy and can also be easily trained, in many parts of the world they are often a major helping hand on the farm, carrying loads and plowing fields.

*Cows are the most important dairy animals and are used for a variety of purposes.

Food and Shelter:

Farm Animals cows horses pigs chickens goats

Cows on the farm must be taken care of properly. They should be provided with good shelter and nutritious food. They should be housed in wooden or brick barns or cowsheds. Good food Is vital to good health. So cows must be fed juicy grass and hay as a part of their diet.

They should also be fed an occasional diet of grain. Cows also like to graze on open pastures. Cattle are often allowed to graze on large patches of grass. This ensures good use of land that might not be suitable for growing other crops.

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Milking a Cow:

Cows provide us with milk. This milk can be used to make various dairy products like cheese, cream, butter, and yogurt. But, for this, cows need to be milked using a proper technique. They should be milked by hand or machines. Milking machines are often used on farms.

These machines can extract large quantities of milk and are vital for producing dairy products on a large scale. These milking machines also process the milk in sealed containers. This makes the process more hygienic and also prevents the milk from getting spoilt.

*Extracting milk with the help of machines increases the amount obtained from a cow.

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