Why Dieting Does Not Work for Weight Loss

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Fear of Fat: Why Dieting Does Not Work for Weight Loss Studies conducted here and in the United States over the past three decades show that we judge fat women harshly in the West. Whereas the fat man still carries a jolly or powerful image (for instance Father Christmas or Winston Churchill), fat women are … Read more

Women’s Health Cultivation: Easy Positive Health Care Guide

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Women’s Health Cultivation: Positive Health Care Guide Positive health care has a particular relevance to women. The following statistics show that on average women live longer than men and at some time of their lives will spend an extended period alone. Families are getting smaller. The average number of people per household has fallen in … Read more

Signs of Cervical Cancer-Uterine Cancer-Ovarian Cancer causes and Treatment Guide

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Guide To Women’s Health: Cervical Cancer; In its earliest stage, cervical cancer grows but does not spread widely. If it can be caught and treated at this stage it can be completely cured. If, however, it progresses further, radical surgery and radiotherapy may be required, and survival is in question. Fortunately, deaths from cervical cancer … Read more

Breast Cancer Guide and Easy Self Examine Tips

Breast Cancer Examination

Breast Cancer: Women’s Health Care Breast Cancer awareness and breast cancer symptoms: What is Cancer: Cancer is a condition caused by malformed cells that have grown into solid lumps or tumors, which destroy normal tissues. Result in pain and hemorrhage and also interrupt the normal functions of the tissues. Many scientists believe that cancer clones … Read more

Choices in Women’s Health Care 2021 Easy Guide

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Women’s Health Care: Your Health is your responsibility. The medical History of individual women can vary from needing to see a doctor just once or twice in 20 years or so, to twice-weekly visits to the surgery. Males and females on average have the same pattern of doctor attendance until they are about 12 years … Read more