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Make Money Online Writing Paid Blog Reviews

Writing paid blog reviews is the easiest way of earning money from a blog. Advertisers are always looking for bloggers to write quality reviews of their products and services. There are many websites that work as a middleman between bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers get immediate attention from the reader engagement. And bloggers make quick money. The best thing is that bloggers do not need to make a sale to get paid. Complete your review and post it. Once your review is accepted you’ll get paid.

With paid blog review sites you do not need to write only positive reviews to get paid. You can always write objective reviews. As a blogger, you are free to choose the products or services to review. There is no obligation on your part. You can choose your reviews based on the niche of your blog. That will help you maintain the reputation of your blog.

There is serious concern regarding the SEO backlash of paid reviews. Since you need to put a backlink to the reviewed product site, you do transfer some link juice. Even Google can see you as a link seller. That may incur some penalty.

Pay rates are based on the quality of your blog and the size of your readership. Most websites are ready to offer customized pay rates to the top bloggers. Here’s a list of the websites that are offering paid review jobs- Sponsored review lets you connect to the advertisers easily. You do not waste time looking for advertisers to get paid review opportunities. You can get paid a minimum of $5 per review. Payments are made by PayPal on a bi-weekly basis. Review Me is probably the best-paid review site around. They accept blogs that have high traffic, RSS subscriber, and link popularity. They have very high-quality advertisers. The payment rate is often higher than other sites. With the Review Me website, only advertisers can offer reviews to the bloggers. You can accept or reject those offers. Pay U2 Blog offers review opportunities in real estate, health, retail, medical and more. There is no minimum or maximum assignment requirement for the bloggers. Payments are made weekly by PayPal.

Paid Blogs Reviews - Make Money Online
Paid Blogs Reviews – Make Money Online Over 50000 blogs are listed in their marketplace. They offer an easy way to monetize your blog. You get paid per review posted. Host My Post is a unique opportunity.All you have to post the advertisers’ content to your blog. This may not attract the most serious blogger as it involves duplicate content issues and possible SEO issues. Bloggers can choose assignments that match their interests, expertise, and blog niche. It’s a paid review marketplace that connects bloggers with advertisements. You are notified once an offer is made to you. SocialSpark is IZEA’s premium blog marketing platform. They connect advertisers with bloggers to create sponsored blog posts.

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Cal State Fullerton Portal Make money writing legitimate reviews, surveys,s or opinions of advertiser’s products and services. You can join Link From Blog even if your blog is not a self-hosted blog. Blogs that are on the free blogging and microblogging platforms can also make money.

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Succulent Plants This is a very popular marketplace for paid reviews. Advertisers can connect with thousands of bloggers to get promotions of their products and services. Bloggers can make money by recommending their favorite products and services on their blogs.

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