Make Money Selling Goods With PayLoadz

Payloaadz - Make Money Online

Make Money Online Selling Downloadable Digital Goods With PayLoadz

Payloadz reviews: The massive growth of e-commerce has opened up many opportunities. Today anyone can start an e-commerce business from the comfort of their home. Selling physical goods requires a fair amount of investment. You need to handle shipping.

There are other risks like order cancelation and refunds involve with physical goods. But, with downloadable products the risk is minimal. There are many online marketplaces where you can sell your downloadable products.

What is PayLoadz?

Payloaadz - Make Money Online
Payloaadz – Make Money Online

PayLoadz is one of the best marketplaces for downloadable digital goods. Since 2002, they offer a very reliable online selling platform. You do not need to worry about product delivery and collecting payments. Their automated service delivers your products to your customers instantly after payment.

You must be careful about copyright-related issues. Do not upload any file that you do not have the right to distribute. Preferably you should only use products created by you.

How To Make Money Selling Downloadable Digital Goods With PayLoadz:

1. Anyone can create an account with PayLoadz.There is no setup fee. There are two types of seller accounts. With one account you just charged 20% of every transaction. In another type, you are charged $14.95 per month and a low 4.9%+$0.49 per transaction billed monthly.

2. You are provided with a selling link is a snippet of HTML code to insert purchase buttons or shopping cart enabled buttons that work on all devices and platforms. You can use this link on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, emails, and more. You can even sell on eBay using this link.

3. PayLoadz offers secure file storage and an automated file delivery system. Buyers are automatically provided with a download link once they complete the payments. Downloads are tracked carefully using a complex algorithm that tracks IP addresses, download counts, download attempts, time stamping, user location, and more. This prevents illegal downloads and possible loss of income.

4. Sellers can easily import multiple products easily. There is no limit to products that you can sell.

5. You can get the benefit of a turnkey affiliate program. A huge army of affiliates is ready to promote your products for a commission.

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6. PayLoadz is available in over 190 countries and in 20 currencies.

7. Sellers can easily add another level of protection and deliver product keys, registration numbers, or activation codes.

8. PayLoadz offers several payment options to suit different types of customers. Payments can be made by Credit cards, eChecks, ACH transfers, existing account balances, PayPal, Amazon Payments, TrialPay, and 2Checkout.

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9. They offer very robust customer support. This will help you to become a successful seller.

10. PayLoadz lets you sell downloadable items such as Software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded.

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