What is Aerobic Exercise Easy Guide

Aerobic Exercise

What is Aerobic exercise & Anaerobic Exercise eTech Guide Tips: Endurance, or aerobic activity, implies exercise which involves the muscles continuously for a sustained time at below maximum effort. Aerobic – literally ‘with air’ – means exercise which depends on a steady supply of oxygen to maintain the activity for a minimum of ten minutes. … Read more

Healthy Food that makes you lose weight

Healthy Food-Calories chart

The good healthy food guide: It dieting to stay slim is not the way to good health.  Then what is? What and how much should we be eating? Nutrition is a young science and still fraught with controversy. However, leading figures in the field are agreed on two fundamental points: the damage that our present … Read more

Why Dieting Does Not Work for Weight Loss

Weight loss - Dieting

Fear of Fat: Why Dieting Does Not Work for Weight Loss Studies conducted here and in the United States over the past three decades show that we judge fat women harshly in the West. Whereas the fat man still carries a jolly or powerful image (for instance Father Christmas or Winston Churchill), fat women are … Read more

Women’s Health Cultivation: Easy Positive Health Care Guide

positive health care

Women’s Health Cultivation: Positive Health Care Guide Positive health care has particular relevance to women. The following statistics show that on average women live longer than men and at some time of their lives will spend an extended period alone. Families are getting smaller. The average number of people per household has fallen in the … Read more