Training & Caring for Dogs and Puppies

Giving Home to Your Dog or Puppy

Once you buy your dog or puppy, the next big step is to take it home with you and teach it to adjust to its new surroundings.

Comfort Your Dog or Puppy:

Removing your dog or puppy from its familiar surroundings and making it settle down in your home can be quite a challenge. Get a new dog basket that it can call its own.

It is also a good idea to initially use a blanket or a towel that is used in its previous home, as this will give it a sense of security. For the first few days or weeks, try not to leave your dog or puppy completely alone at home for too long. Being alone may scare it and make it irritable.

A Pets Place to Stay:

Just as you have your room, your dog or puppy should have its own too! Find a warm and quiet place for the dog basket and then try not to move it too much so that your pet becomes comfortable.

It is best to not allow your dog or puppy to sleep on the floor, sofa, couch, or bed as this encourages bad habits. Line your dog basket with a blanket to make it cozy and comfortable. When your dog or puppy is sleeping try not to disturb it.

*It is usually easier for puppies to adapt to new surroundings than dogs. But remember, puppies need more attention than dogs.

At Home of its Own:

Dogs and Puppy Home
Dogs and Puppies home training and care guide

Your dog or puppy will want to make its basket its own space, so don’t let any other pets go in the basket. The dog basket should be kept in the room where everyone in the family spends a lot of time. This will help it feel loved and a part of the family.

*Puppies tend to be messy eaters, so you should pay special attention to their training.

Top Pets Tips:

Select a place for your dog or puppy’s food and water bowls that is easily accessible to them, but out of the way of human feet. Once selected, keep the bowls in the same place. This way your dog or puppy will learn good food habits and won’t be confused.

*In some countries, larger dogs are kept outdoors in kennels.

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Making Friends:

Once you’ve brought your dog or puppy home, you need to make it your companion and best friend. You must make your dog or puppy feel comfortable in your home. This will help it become a faithful companion.

A New Friend:

To make sure that having a new dog or puppy at home is a happy experience, you should pay attention to the new pet’s care and training closely. If you are friendly with your dog or puppy it will respond similarly.

Training your dog or puppy to listen to you or learn tricks can take some time. You have to be patient and keep trying until it learns.

Strict Rules:

Dogs and Puppies Training Guide
Dogs and Puppies Training guide

Make sure you do not get hurt when you play with your pet. Always use a toy during play, and throw the toy around so that your dog or puppy can run and fetch it.

You must not play rough games with your dog or puppy because it might be cruel and your pet may be encouraged to bite. Buy toys your pet can chew on to discourage it from chewing things in the house that it shouldn’t!

*Dogs and puppies enjoy chewing bones as these make their teeth stronger.

Things Around the House:

There are various things you can keep in the house to make your dog or puppy feel comfortable. Like, such as water bowls, Food bowls, chewy dog bones, dog collars, dry dog food, dog cage, etc.

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Common Questions:

Question: What should I do if my dog or puppy gets lost?

Answer: Do not panic if you cannot find your dog or puppy. Pets often run out of the house but come back soon.

However, if your pet is missing for more than a day, you could put an advertisement in the papers with a photograph of your pet. You could also contact animal shelters and rescue groups in your area.

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