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Maritime English | Learn English

What is Maritime English?

What is Maritime English? Shipping has never been more international, with up to 50 nationalities working on one ship alone at times. Maritime English is the language by which crew communicates with each other, irrespective of their role. It is estimated that shipping carries over 90% of world trade. Clear, precise English is therefore vital…

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Hotel Management College | UAGC Student Portal Login Guide

Top Hotel Management College in Dehradun

Awaken the leader in you by being in the top management college in Dehradun Hotel management is probably the most developing sector among the different available career options. There are different types of career choices like medicine, engineering, teaching, and others. All of these do not provide an easy way of earning and being a…

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Top MBA Programs In India

Top MBA Programs in India

Qualities that you can build within the top MBA Programs in India MBA Programs Guide: Management is a small term but is full of a great number of meanings in it. Management is not only managing your team, but it teaches you how to manage yourself and then manage all others in your team. There…

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