Easy Poultry Care Guide

Easy Guide to Poultry Care:

The health of poultry affects their eggs and meat, so proper feed and medication are important. Poultry also faces the threat of predation from other animals, so measures need to be taken for their protection.

Poultry Farms: Home Sweet Home:

Having clean and safe housing for poultry is of the utmost importance. Some farms let their poultry run free. This gives the poultry freedom but might be dangerous and lead to accidents and fatalities.

Poultry Farm and Care
Poultry Farm and Care

Farms can also opt for a bottomless poultry coop which can be transferred from one place to the other on the farm; this keeps them safe while allowing them enough freedom to move within the coop.

Poultry coops do not need to be very elaborate but should fulfill basic requirements by providing proper ventilation and shelter. Poultry coops should be clean, hygienic, and safe from predators and other farm animals.

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Poultry Farm Caring for the young:

Looking after young chicks and ducklings is a very important part of poultry care. Both the young and the parent need to be provided food and water separately. Often the mother breaks the grain into smaller pieces to feed her young.

The food should be in a container that cannot be tipped over by the chicks or ducklings while feeding. The water should also be kept in a shallow container so that the chick does not drown. The young birds should be moved to a larger rearing coop when they are about 8 weeks of age.

Common Poultry Diseases:

Poultry care
Poultry care

Bird flu is a common yet potentially dangerous disease. Not only does it spread rapidly, but, if not detected properly it can also affect the health of anybody who might eat the meat. Precaution and medical attention can, however, reduce its threat.

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Fowl cholera, fowl typhoid, and fowlpox are other common diseases in poultry. Most of these diseases can be prevented by a healthy diet. Poultry feed should ideally contain 20-22 percent of proteins with a coccidiostat, a chemical that helps to build immunity.

Cleanliness and hygiene also help prevent most poultry diseases. For the first weeks after birth, the chicks should be kept with their parent. All poultry should be given a separate place and dish for their food and water and parent and young should be fed separately.

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