How Safe Are Infrared Heaters

infrared heaters | Energy saving | energy management

Infrared Heaters Guide: Energy Efficiency Management

I am thinking about the heating system in the apartment and looking for alternative options. Recently heard about infrared heaters. Please tell us what are their advantages and how safe are they.

– Infrared heating systems are recognized as one of the most economical and efficient heating methods. The heat emanating from infrared heaters does not dissipate in the air, but “settles” on objects and surfaces that are in the area of ​​their rays. And already the floor, walls, and furniture transfer their heat to the air in the room. This principle of operation can be compared with the action of the sun heating the earth.

Infrared heaters are mainly powered, but because they don’t need to use energy to heat the air, they use less electricity than oil-filled heaters, making them more cost-effective ways to fight the cold.

infrared heaters | Energy saving | energy management
infrared heaters | Energy saving | energy management

Also, the device is equipped with a thermostat, with which you can control the temperature in the room. This allows you to set the minimum value for the time you are away from home. The electric or infrared heater does not work all the time. It only turns on when the temperature drops below the set temperature. All this also reduces the monthly electricity bill.

Infrared heaters can be used as the main and as an additional source of heat since their action can be directed to separate areas of the apartment. In addition, the “solar” principle of operation allows you to install the system outdoors – heat will not be lost in an open area, but will be concentrated only in the area of ​​​​IR ports, for example, on a terrace or in a country gazebo, which will allow you to have picnics in the fresh air even in cold weather.

It is worth noting that infrared rays are not only recognized as safe for the body but are even used for medicinal purposes – for warming up. Therefore, you can safely install equipment in your apartment. Infrared heating is used everywhere today: in schools, kindergartens, public transport, sports and entertainment centers, and other premises.

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External Blinds On Windows | Energy Saving

I recently went on vacation to Germany. Walking along the streets, I saw external blinds on the windows of many buildings. It became interesting: is this a way to escape the heat in an apartment without using an air conditioner? Tell me, is it possible to buy such in Russia?

Answered by Anna Nechepurenko, Tomsk Center for Resource Saving and Energy Efficiency
– Indeed, the solar shades you saw in Germany today are one of the latest energy-efficient design solutions. Abroad, they have been actively used in the design of building facades for more than five years. In Russia, this innovation appeared relatively recently, but it is quite possible to find and order such on the Internet.

Outwardly, the blinds, indeed, are very similar to blinds, only they are mounted not inside, but outside the building. The system protects the room from bright light and overheating. The design is made of horizontal plates (lamellas) that do not allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the room. But this does not mean that they completely block out daylight. Natural light can be controlled as you wish. To do this, it is enough to change the level of the inclination of the plates or even raise or lower them, as is the case with conventional blinds.

But this is not their only advantage. Rafshtora prevents excessive heating of the air in the apartment, serving as a kind of barrier between the window and the sun. It has been experimentally proven that with the help of solar curtains, the temperature in the room can be reduced from 4 to 7 ° C. And this, in turn, allows you to refuse to use an air conditioner and a fan, which means you save not only on electricity bills but also on trips to the doctor: the risk of catching a cold from cold air currents is reduced to zero.

By the way, in winter, solar curtains allow you to achieve the opposite effect – they prevent excessive heat from escaping from an apartment or office. And this allows you to save on heating bills.

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