The Pets Health: Feeding Habits of Dogs and Puppies

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The Pets Health and Care – Feeding Habits of Your Dog or Puppy:

The health of your pets, dog, or puppy depends on you. You should give it a proper and balanced diet to keep it healthy and strong.

Ground Rules:

Your dog or puppy should be fed twice a day. You should have fixed hours to feed your pets. Serve the food in a clean dish and put the dish in a place where your pet will not be distracted by something else while eating.

If you have more than one pet, then feed each of them separately. This way you will know how much food each pet needs. This will also prevent one pet from eating up the food of another.

*Your dog or puppy should have a clean bowl of its own to eat from. You should never over-feed your dog or puppy as this might lead to obesity and other health problems.

Balanced Diet of Pets:

Just like your diet, your pet’s diet should have a proper balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Packaged dog food usually contains a proper mix.

But remember that the appetite of dogs or puppies varies from breed to breed. Your pet should have clean drinking water throughout the day. But do not allow your dog or puppy to drink water just before a meal as this will spoil its appetite.

*Dog biscuits are available in various shops and tastes and make a good treat for your pet dog or puppy.

Delicious Dog Food:

Meat is an important part of the diet of dogs and puppies. You can buy meat in tins for your dog or puppy, but alternate this wet food with dry food for a balanced diet.

You can also give your dog or puppy the odd scrap of leftover cooked meat as a treat, but don’t give them too much as they are not designed to eat cooked meat.

*You must make sure that the dog food you feed your dog or puppy has all the ingredients necessary for its growth.

Top Pets Tips:

Ask the vet if your pet needs any special vitamin or mineral supplement. Some dog breeds need supplements to maintain a healthy coat and skin and good bone growth.

Grooming and Cleaning Pets:

Once you have a dog or puppy at home, it is essential to keep it clean and well-groomed.

Groomed and Dressed Pets:

All dogs and puppies need to be groomed, but the frequency varies between breeds. Some dogs and puppies may need more frequent grooming than others.

The most essential part of grooming is brushing and combing the hair of your pet, which helps to keep their coat shiny and skin healthy and free from ticks.

A dog or puppy that has a long-haired coat should be brushed more frequently than one with short hair.

Washed and Cleaned Pets:

Dogs and puppies do not need to be bathed frequently. Frequent bathing makes the skin of your pet dry as the natural oils present in the skin are lost. This can lead to infection and itching.

While bathing your pet, use a good shampoo and conditioner designed for the coat of your pet. Make sure that you gently wipe your pet with a soft towel after you bathe it.

*You must be very careful while brushing your dog or puppy so that their hair does not get tangled.

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Pets Grooming Tools:

Here are some basic grooming tools for your pet:

  • Fine Tooth Comb.
  • Grooming Brush.
  • Shedding Blades.
  • Small Scissors.
  • Tweezers
  • Soft Wipes.
  • Dog Cologne.
  • Dog Mat.
  • Nail Clipper.

Common Questions about Pets:

Do I need to find a professional groomer for my pet? You may need a professional groomer if you do not have the time to clean and groom your pet.

There are some breeds, like the poodle, that should have their coats styled in a particular way. It may be a good idea to take these dogs or puppies to a professional groomer once every couple of months.

Ticking Away:

You must always ensure that your pet is free of ticks and fleas. They are not only harmful to your pet but to you as well. *A flea may be a tiny insect but it can be very dangerous. It will suck your pet’s blood, which causes sores. Left untreated these sores may cause infection.

Flea Attack on Pets:

Pets Health & Dog or Puppy Care
Pets Health & Dog or Puppy Care

Fleas are the most common pests of dogs and puppies. If you find your pet scratching itself continuously, or if it has developed a skin rash, it has probably been attacked by fleas.

When fleas bite a dog or puppy, they may develop red bumps on their tail and the sides of their hind legs.

You can use anti-flea shampoos and soaps for mild infections. But if it is a serious attack, you have to take your pet to the vet for proper medication.

Ticking Pets:

Pets Health & Dogs and Puppies Care
Pets Health & Dogs and Puppies Care, food, training.

After fleas, ticks are the most common pets picked up by dogs and puppies. Look for them, especially in the ears, and on the head, armpits and thighs.

Not only tick harmful by themselves, but they will also lead to other infections if they are not removed.

You can use tweezers to remove ticks, but be very careful if a tick is embedded in the skin. Always wear gloves while removing ticks.

*When you remove a tick make sure that you dispose of it well. A dog or puppy can pick up fleas from other dogs when taken out for walks, so it is a good idea to groom it afterward.

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Bugs and Bites:

Other bugs bother dogs and puppies. Flies are a major nuisance for your pet. Some flies can bite the ears and neck of your dog or puppy and leave red marks.

Apply an antiseptic cream to the infected area if you find these marks. Also, ensure that your pet does not go out during the hottest part of the day. Dogs and puppies can also come into contact with other insects, like wasps.

Top Tips:

Always make sure that you use a fine-toothed comb to clean fleas off your dog or puppy. The fleas get caught between fine teeth easily. After that, drop the comb into a bowl of soapy water. This will kill the fleas at once.

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