College Education – Talking It Out With Your Folks

College Education – Talking It Out With Your Folks

If you think about it, it is the responsibility of your folks to help you with your college education. However, the rising costs of getting a college education can be daunting for some parents to bear. If your parents were not able to save for the day you have to go to college then it will be all bad news.

That is why before you set your sights on getting a post-secondary education, it is best to consult your parents about your decision. Here are some great tips that you can use to convince your parents that getting a college education can immensely make your life better.

I’m ruined. Remember how your parents have been all too protective of you because they don’t want your life to get ruined? Guess what. You can use this same argument in convincing your parents that getting a college education is the best way for you to get a better job and a brighter future.

Just tell them that if they are unable to go to college they may as well practice their burger-flipping skills because that would be the best-paying job they’ll gonna find if they are just stuck with a high school diploma.

It is a good deed. If you can convince your folks to pitch in for your tuition you can make them realize that they are earning good karma. When you do something well you are rewarded somehow by the universe. The universe will repay your good deed in ways that your parents never dreamed of.

Convince them that sacrificing for their college education will reap a cosmic reward. Of course, it will not hurt if you throw away some bad karma where if they would not help you will mean a curse compounding their ways and ruining their lives until the day they die.

I’ll go to be rich. If you can finish college you will become rich and repay all the good deeds of your parents who painstakingly put you through. Of course, you’d probably not become extremely rich. But if they pay for your education the chances get narrow and the possibility becomes better compared to if you stay having a high school diploma.

Just be prepared to shell out the dough if ever you become rich and the parents want to get their payback.

I’ll be a great student. Every parent would like their children to succeed in life. That is why you need to convince your folks that you are worth the investment that they are putting up for your education. If you have been slacking for most of your life, you will have a hard time convincing others that the money you will be losing will be worth it.

That is why start making a paradigm shift and start becoming the ideal son or daughter they always wanted so they can be convinced that they are making a good bet on your future.

Whatever you do to convince your parents about college education, most of the work rests on your shoulders. You’re going to be the one that will make things happen and will truly shape the course of your future. Your parents are just going to support you but you will be the star of your own story.

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Tests Which Are Usually Required For College

While most colleges and universities would love to see fine grades from you some academic institutions would ask you to take tests. There are several standardized tests that you need to take before college admissions people would consider your application.

Aside from tests, admissions people would ask you to write an essay and even to be subjected to an interview to determine if you are a right fit for their organization or institution.

PSAT. The PSAT measures critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills. This test is designed to help students get some feedback on their aptitude and their usual strengths and weakness that they need to work on to make good on the real tests that matter.

It is not required to get into college but it would help find out what facets of the students needed to be strengthened and students that would take this often qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. It is also a great way to test how you can fare if ever you take the SATs.

SAT. The SAT Reasoning Test is a test that is usually required as part of the admission procedures of some colleges and universities. The SAT has been around for more than 100 years but its name and its format have changed over the years. When you took the SAT before 2005 the perfect score was pegged at 1600 where 800 points were for reading and 800 points were for math.

In 2006, the test got a facelift and was re-named the SAT Reasoning Test where a writing section was inserted. The test has a maximum possible score of 2400 points that is spread over three key categories. The SAT Reasoning Test is supposed to test the critical thinking skills that can predict how well a student will fare in college. The test usually is taken within four hours.

It is offered about seven times a year in the United States.
ACT. The ACT is another test that is often used by college admissions people before they admit students to college. The acronym ACT doesn’t stand for anything. However, it used to be known as the American College Testing Program which was started in 1959.

The test was designed to counter and rival the SAT. Among the factors considered in the ACT were the grade point average and the extra-curricular activities of the potential college student. Some students do well on one test but fail miserably on the other. The test can be taken four to six times a year depending on where state you are located.

While you can take the test more than once, it doesn’t guarantee that if you re-take the test it will considerably improve your scores compared to the previous ones. The best strategy is to prepare well and with the help of your teachers and counselors, you will be able to get good scores that will help your cause immensely as you enter college after high school.

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