How To Prepare For Online Courses

How To Prepare For Online Courses

If you have decided to learn through online courses it pays to set some expectations. The expectations will assure you of a better transition and enable the learner to adjust to the new environment and buckle down to learning. Just like preparing for any school, online learning is no different. You also need to prepare but there are a few twists along the way.

The first thing that you need to have on hand is your credentials. The credentials are important because these are the things that you would need to access the courseware that you should be taking and to access the online courses homepage.

You may also need to have an email address because the school administrators will communicate with you in this manner, according to

The class instructor often will orient you with the expectations that you should have before taking the class online. The email address comes in handy for this purpose because it will the primary course of communication between you and the class facilitator.

The next thing you need to prepare for is your schedule. On the courseware, a class calendar is often located on the homepage. If you are not sure if you have stumbled upon the class calendar or you cannot locate it, try to send an email to the course facilitator for clarification or guidance.

The layout of the homepage for each online course is not standardized. The user experience that you will have on one page may not be the same on another online course. That is why it pays to be attentive and learn the layout of the courseware to navigate through it easily.

Once you have synched your schedule, you need to have to prepare your equipment. Before you signed up for the course, the facilitator would have recommended having your system checked for compatibility.

There are certain required systems that your computer should have for the files and other materials to run efficiently. The computer needs to have at least a pdf reader to read pdf files. PDF is a file format where most electronic documents are encoded.

The computer’s browser should be the latest one to be protected from potential exploits and compromises. There should be an excellent video player in your system so you can playback the videos should you choose to download them instead of stream them from the courseware.

Also, the computer should have an updated Flash player so it will not have a problem playing Flash videos which is the standard file format for lecture videos.

Learning is quite different in an online environment. There are certain quirks that a learner needs to understand and cope with in online classroom courses. The key is to be open and receptive to changes because it happens all the time in an online course learning environment. If you do learn this way the possibilities are endless.

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Tips For Filling Out Applications For College

What seems to be a very mundane task; could prove to be the straw that will break the camel’s back. When you are trying to apply for college the small things like filling out applications can show what kind of student you are. Applying for college can be daunting and could be a source of anxiety and stress.

However, you need not feel that way. You must remain calm and find out the best ways to make an impression through the applications that you fill out so that the admissions team will get a very good impression of you.

Create copies. Create several copies of your application by printing more copies or having it photocopied. Use one of the copies as your trial copy so that even if you make mistakes you would not ruin the form with erasures which is very unappealing and speaks well about your personality that could wipe out your chances of entering a prestigious university.

Write tidy. Here’s the thing, you have been learning how to write well in school fine if you can dodge the bullet for so long. But how long will your winning streak pull you through? Chances are if your handwriting is so bad some colleges will have your form kiss the bottom of the trash bin.

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If you are unable to write tidily then it would be great if you use a typewriter for it—that is if there are some left lying around. If not then it is wise to have someone with better handwriting do it for you. Check for grammar and misspellings because the little mistakes can count a lot against you.

Get reviews. It is tempting to fall in love with your work. The emotions will blind you from the pitfalls that may be lurking around the corner. That is why it is wise for a counselor or your teacher to take a look at your work and make some comments (constructive, that is) to your work.

The counselor will surely notice some discrepancies and inconsistencies that could break your chances of getting into a good college.

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Review again. It is wise to triple-check your application and see to it that there is nothing left out. Check the required materials and ensure you are putting only the whole truth or risk kissing your chances goodbye. Take a look at the form and see if you have been specific and adhered to posted deadlines always.

It is not uncommon for people to get rattled when they are filling out forms. It is easy to make a mistake especially if you are filling out forms for a variety of institutions. If you allow yourself to get beaten by stress and anxiety you will have fewer chances to survive in college which is teeming with stressors. That is why this early you should feel confident and do your best, after all, your future depends on it.

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