How to care for your teeth: Easy Guide

Teeth care eTech Guide:

Teeth Care: Regular cleaning is essential for healthy teeth. Otherwise, carbohydrates in the food you eat will be transformed into acid by bacteria naturally present in your mouth. The acid gradually breaks down the protective enamel and, once it has invaded the dentine, quickly creates a cavity.

Toothache will follow and, if you don’t seek dental treatment quickly, you could have an abscess, too. Quite apart from suffering pain and swollen face, both of which could have been prevented, you may lose the tooth if neglect has continued to the point where draining the abscess and treatment with antibiotics cannot help.

Teeth Care and cleaning Guide
On your upper teeth, brush downwards, taking care to include the gum area. Then repeat the action. Only this time brushing upwards, to clean your lower teeth.

Care of the gums is as important as care of the teeth. If less than thorough, brushing leaves food fragments lodged between your teeth. A deposit called plaque may form and work its way down the sides of the tooth.

Gradually attacking the supportive gum and creating ‘pockets’ into which more bacteria can find their way. As a result, you will have very sore gums and, eventually, loose teeth. A great many otherwise healthy teeth are lost in this way.

Teeth care and teeth cleaning tips
Brush the backs of both upper and lower teeth just as thoroughly. Tilting the brush to the angle shown, as necessary, to ensure that you also brush in between each tooth at gum level. Where food particles can lodge if you are not scrupulous enough.

Fortunately, you can prevent such calamities by scrupulously cleaning your teeth and gums after meals or, at least, after breakfast each morning and again last thing at night. Follow the routine illustrated below and you should have no problem.

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How to clean your teeth:

Teeth Care and teeth cleaning etech guide
Brush the cutting or grinding edge of your teeth, using a rotating action to get into every tiny crevice.

Use a brush with a small to medium-sized head, and close-set, straight-topped bristles. Replace the brush as soon as it shows signs of splaying. If it splays out in under three months, try a different brand of brush. If the same thing happens you may be scrubbing rather than brushing your teeth – with consequent wear on the enamel.

Teeth Care and Teeth treatment guide
Finally, wind a length of dental floss around your fingers, as shown, and use it to remove any remaining debris.

Use dental sticks and/or dental floss to remove any food still lodged between your teeth after brushing them. Waxed floss tends to be easier to use than the unwaxed variety. There’s even a floss now with a ‘threader’ end so you can easily insert it between your teeth at gum level if they are too close to slide floss up between them.

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Once a week check up on how efficiently you have been cleaning your teeth by using a disclosing tablet that leaves tell-tale color on the tooth surface wherever plaque is beginning to form. Having been thus warned, simply brush your teeth again until all the color has been removed.

Whichever type of toothpaste you use, be sparing with it; otherwise, the speedy lather will cause you to spit out the rinse before you’ve really brushed them efficiently.

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