Vet and Vaccination for Pets

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Vet And Vaccination of Pets:

It is important to have a fixed vet who is familiar with your dog or puppy. You should take your pet for regular medical check-ups and vaccinations.

Selecting a Vet:

Ask any friends or relatives who have a dog or puppy to recommend a good vet. Then, before you bring your pet home, visit the vet, and satisfy yourself that they and their team are suitable to treat your dog or puppy.

Your veterinary surgery should be open to you looking around and asking any questions you have, but be careful not to interrupt their work.

Once you have bought your dog or puppy, book an initial consultation with your vet as soon as possible.

The Adviser:

Even when your pet is perfectly healthy, the vet is your adviser about several things, like the kind of food you should give, the kind of housing needed, and the training of your pet.

And where to leave your pet if you are going on a holiday. So stay in touch with your vet.

*Always consult an adult before you finalize a vet for your dog or puppy.

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Pets Vaccines:

Pets Vaccines
Pets Vaccines

It is important to get your dog or puppy vaccinated as soon as you bring it home. A proper vaccination program protects your pet and everyone else at home.

The program will vary from breed to breed and your vet will explain exactly what your dog or puppy needs. The dog or puppy may initially react to a vaccine.

It may sleep for many hours at a stretch or lose its appetite for some time. Ask your vet about possible reactions, so that you are not scared without reason.

*Follow your vet’s vaccination schedule closely. This will help your pet become familiar with the vet and will keep them healthy.

Top Tips:

Some dogs or puppies may react to vaccines more strongly than others. Do alert your vet if this happens to your pet, but this is no reason to stop the vaccination program.

Household Dangers for Pets

Many things in your house can cause harm to your dog or puppy. You have to take precautions and guard your pet against these dangers.


Household dangers for pets
Household dangers for pets

Poison for rats and cockroaches, as well as insecticides, should be kept out of reach of pets. If they mistake it for food and eat it, they can be very ill, or can even die.

It is also advisable to keep medicines out of their reach. Also, remember to not give any chocolate to your pet. In large quantities, chocolates can poison it!

*Always label jars in the house as a safety measure.

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In The Garden

Plants in your garden must be selected carefully. They should not contain any substance that may cause your dog or puppy harm.

You must make sure that there is no chemical fertilizer or pesticide in the garden that is within reach of your pet. If your pet consumes any of it then take it to the vet immediately.

*Fertilizers or pesticides are potentially very dangerous to your dog or puppy.

Choking Hazards

All dogs love bones, but you have to make sure your pet does not get any cooked or old bones, ass they can crack into small splinters and choke the dog or puppy.

For the same reason, never give your pet the bone of a chicken or any other bird. When you buy chewy toys for your pet, make sure these toys do not have removable small parts. These parts can choke a dog or puppy if swallowed.

*Treat your dog or puppy as a small child and always give it things that can be chewed easily without causing any harm.

Common Questions about pets:

Question: Is antifreeze dangerous to pets?

Antifreeze contains a sweet chemical called ethylene glycol. This can attract animals. But antifreeze is very poisonous so keep it out of reach.

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