Climate Justice March 2021

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Climate Justice March Pakistan 8 Nov 2021

Climate Revolution, Not Pollution – Stop Fossil Fuel Energy – Start Renewable Energy

Stop RUDA Project, Stop Destroying Environment

Participants of Climate Justice March Address The Participants In Lahore, Pakistan.

On the call of the Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development, hundreds of climate activists participated in climate justice in Lahore, Pakistan. The participants mainly coming from civil society organisations, trade unions and social movements were demanding climate justice. The march started from Lahore Press Club, Shimla Pahari, and ended at Aiwan-e-Iqbal.

Climate Justice March 2021
Climate Justice March 2021

The participants were heralding placards and chanting slogans and were demanding from governments around the world to initiate meaningful actions against climate change. The placards read “climate action now, stop air pollution, clean Lahore city, 100% renewable energy for communities and people, Stop coal energy, Say No to Fossil Fuel, stop funding fossil wearing red shirts with slogan “Climate revolution, not pollution.”

Climate Justice March 2021 - Climate Change
Climate Justice March 2021 – Climate Change

Farooq Tariq from Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee said that fossil and coal-based energy projects must be stopped immediately. He added that gas and oil-based energy systems are not only expensive but also detrimental to the environment. He added that the prices of these are also increased on the demand of IMF, Farooq Tariq added that sustainable energy methods need to be adopted so that Pakistan becomes self-sufficient in energy.

Climate Justice March 2021 - Climate Change
Climate Justice March 2021 – Climate Change

Renowned environmental lawyer Ahmed Rafay Alam said that “the problem of climate change can’t be only left to political parties, he said that everyone needs to play their part. Rafay added that Pakistan still has to fulfill its promise of phasing out coal that it announced last year, we see that coal-based energy plants are still working and functional. He added that fossil-based energy systems are not only expensive but cause pollution as well. Adding that Pakistan has food sources of the renewable energy system. He stressed the need for alternative resources to produce energy.”

Climate Justice March 2021 - Renewable Energy
Climate Justice March 2021 – Renewable Energy

Spokesperson Haqooq E Khalq Movement, Aysha Ahmed said that “because of government’s negligence and lack of understanding of climate issues, the beautiful city of Lahore is now the most polluted city on earth. It shows that their Billion tree tsunami project as a mere tokenism did not address the climate change issue. She added that environmentally costly projects such Ravi Urban Development Project must be stopped and land grabbing in the name of development must be stopped.

Climate Justice March 2021 - Fossil Fuel
Climate Justice March 2021 – Climate Change – Fossil Fuel

Zaighum Abbas, an academic and activist associated with Asian People’s Movement on debt and development said that “climate change can’t be addressed without the radical transformation of capitalist production. He added that the environment is destroyed primarily by bigger corporations which have prioritized profits instead of the environment.”

Climate Justice March 2021 - Climate Change - Environment

Haqooq-E-Khalq Movement’s Ammar Ali Jan said that the increase in smog in Lahore is because of no regulation of bigger industries in the city. He added that it is no solution to close the brick kiln industry, it deprives the workers of jobs in this sector. Ammar Jan stressed that the brick kiln industry should be shifted to new technology such as zig-zag which is more environmentally friendly and industries must be regulated in a way that they are penalised for breaching environmental protocols.”

Climate Justice March 2021 - Climate Change - Environmental Revolution
Climate Justice March 2021 – Climate Change – Environmental Revolution

It is important to note that on the occasion of this year’s COP26 Conference Actions have peaked across Asia to demand climate justice. Thousands of people have joined in more than 500  simultaneous actions in seven Asian countries on November 8th. Speaking at a similar action in Manila, Philippines, Lidy Nacpil, the coordinator of the Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD) said that: “We want to send a powerful  demand to the countries at COP26 to implement rapid and just transition out of fossil fuels and for rich countries to urgently deliver adequate climate finance to the Global South.”

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The organisations Participating in the climate justice March in Lahore, Pakistan included Asian People’s Movement on Debt and Development, Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights, All Pakistan Workers Confederation, Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee, Haqooq e Khalq Movement, Progressive Students Collective, Aurat March, Woman Action Forum, South Asia Partnership, Labour Education Foundation, Pakistan Brick Kiln Workers Union, Bonded Labor Liberation Front, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Climate Action Now, Home Net Pakistan, South Asia Free Media Association, AGHS, Crofter Foundation and Tameer E Nau Women Worker’s Organisation.

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